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Design by Anu


Design by Anu was founded in 2015, in Kokkola, Finland. The company makes products for pets and their owners.


I founded Design By Anu, because I wanted to design and produce my own products. All items are handmade, from silkscreen printing of the fabrics to cutting and assemblying the packages.

Why products for pets?

I've always had cats and enjoyed making toys and blankets for them. So before I graduated from Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences it was pretty obvious choice for me to make my thesis on products for cats.

The thesis was made in collaboration with SSey (animal protection association of Seinäjoki) and the goal was to create support products for the association. In the process, I started to develop the idea for maternity package for cats, or more precisely, maternity package for new cat owners. 

After graduating, I worked with the concept. I participated in KOSEK's think tank, witch helped me develop the package even further. 

Because of my background as a craftsman (I graduated as a textile artisan before applying for design degree) the next step for me was to plan how the I could actually make my products. This lead to my own silkscreen printing studio and acquiring the machines needed for producing the packages. These were arranged with the help of my family and friends, since a starting company naturally has a pretty tight budget.